Bridging the Gap between Industry and Education with DACUM Services


One of the critical issues is what students learn in the public school curriculum is not aligned with competencies required for success in the occupation. VASS can help employers better communicate what academics students need to apply successfully in a job. VASS has a process for identifying academic competency gaps invarious occupations and can partner with a business, a group of businesses, or an industry association to document gaps in critical occupations. 

VASS uses certified facilitators in a nationally recognized process called DACUM, short for developing a curriculum, to identify the gaps in essential academic competencies. The process enables employees who actually perform the job to reveal the competencies needed compared to what students are currently taught in the public school curriculum. Employers are consequently better able to inform school systems and postsecondary institutions about what students need as academic preparation for future success. Employers may also choose to use the results to improve their own training programs.


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