Rural Math Excel Partnership

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Education awarded VASS a $2.73 million Investing In Innovation (i3) grant to develop the Rural Math Excel Partnership (RMEP) shared responsibility model. VASS secured an additional $.45 million in matching private sector funds. The RMEP model calls for families, teachers, and community organizations in rural areas to perform specific functions in support of student success in foundational math courses. Mastery of foundational math courses provides a strong foundation for success in high-paying STEM and health technician occupations that are in demand in rural areas. In the model, teachers infuse classroom instruction with workplace applications and assign homework and activities that allow families to support classroom learning at home. Family Math Night activities and community STEM and health careers events engage students and their families in activities that help them see the importance of math, including interaction with local STEM and health professionals. Videos of technicians in STEM and health occupations explain for students and families why math is important in the workplace. Use of other videos and online resources give both teachers and families access to supports that help them perform their roles of responsibility.

The RMEP model of shared responsibility is the result of five years of development with six Southside Virginia partner school divisions: the Counties of Charlotte, Cumberland, Halifax, Henry, and Prince Edward, and the City of Martinsville. More background information can be found here. In fall of 2017, Accomack and Page Counties became RMEP pilot demonstration sites and implemented a revised version of the model using resources created and refined during the initial development phase.


The website features the resources and supports to implement the revised RMEP model. Schools or districts interested in replicating the RMEP shared responsibility model may contact Jennifer Stevens, VASS President & CEO, for information at or (434) 222-8754.

For more information on RMEP, view the video below or visit the RMEP Resources page.

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