Rural Math Excel Partnership Conference & Math Teacher Institute


Supporting Student Success in Math for STEM Careers in Rural Communities


Location: The Prizery 

700 Bruce Street, South Boston, VA

June 28, 2016 


Conference Program Agenda

Featured Speaker, Christy Morton, The Virginia Rural Center                                                            

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Made possible by a U.S. Department of Education (USED) 

Investing in Innovation (i3) grant project and partners.

Our Virginia Partners are school divisions of Cumberland County, 

Charlotte County, Halifax County, Henry County, Prince Edward County, 

and City of Martinsville; Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation; and the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission.

Conference Objectives


  • Describe "what works" in shared responsibility model

  • Foster innovations in rural schools

  • Train math teachers on making math relevant with support of parent/family and local community

  • Listen to students discuss experiences with web-based Khan Academy homework assignments, family math nights, and community events 


The Innovation: A Model of Shared Responsibility Between Teachers, Family, and Community


On June 28, 2016, VASS hosted the Rural Math Excel Partnership Conference and Math Teacher Institute in South Boston, Virginia, to disseminate information about the project design, share implementation successes and challenges, and solutions implemented along the way.  Educators, parents, students, and community and business representatives from across 25 rural school divisions across the state attended in support of the Rural Math Excel Partnership project.  

Conference participants learned from a panel of teachers, parents, and community members who performed shared responsibility roles to support student success in foundational math courses during the development of the partnership model. Community members shared what works in planning and conducting a community event that answers for students and parents, “Why do I need math for my future STEM occupation or career?”  A special panel of students in foundational math courses shared their experiences completing Khan Academy homework assignments using tablets, participating in Family Math Nights, and attending community STEM activities.  Math teachers also participated in a special training to understand how high-demand occupations use math in the workplace, share ideas for infusing real-world uses of math into classroom instruction, and learn strategies to engage the families and communities in supporting math instruction. 

Contact the VASS Office at 434-575-0692 or by email at for additional information.

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